The Diois

The Diois is a region found at the crossroads between the Alpes Mountains and Provence, surrounded by many fields which offers an exceptional biological diversity and a climate that is a perfect compromise between the rigorous climate of the nearby mountains and the dry mildness of the Mediterranean. We alternate from the vast fields of Spring primroses to the dazzling colors of the Summer lavender to the ocean of Fall colors radiance to end the year with our snow-capped Winter mountain tops. Eternal amidst the seasons, our beloved mountain called the Glandasse, who proudly overlooks all the valley from its 2041 meters high perspective !

The Vercors, our Regional Natural Park

Thanks to the Vercors Regional Natural Park, L’Herbier du Diois benefits from an authentically preserved environment since 1970! More than 206.000 hectares of forests, plains, rivers, fields, alpine pastures and crops protected from possibly destructive human activities. As a consequence we benefit from a uniquely riche fauna and flora: well over 72 species of mammals, wolf included, 140 species of nestling birds such as vultures, and over 1800 plant species from which we count more than 75 wild orchids. Many of our farmers and wild pickers enjoy living in this preserved and natural environment, far away from pollution and major urban centers.

The Drôme Region: leading department for French Organic agriculture

The diversity of soil and climate allow the culture of many different plants such as Lime, Lavender, Thyme, Hyssop, Savory, Lemon balm, Mint, Sage… The Diois region was one of the firsts to start organic farming, through our own farm called “Touret” in 1979 before being renamed Herbier du Diois, and was one of the first farms to be certified Organic by Ecocert. Today, organic farming and land in conversion towards organic farming represent over 30% of agricultural fields while the national average is still a tiny 2.5%. The Diois is home to a large group of farmers (650 in 2010) and processors (300 in the Department), the majority of them working with aromatic and medicinal herbs. Our company is located in the town of Châtillon-en-Diois where over 60% of the land are harvested organically. The municipality and l’Herbier du Diois have just obtained a national bonus through the EnR France League for its solar energy production in proportion to its inhabitants (250 kW for 575 inhabitants)

Project Biovallée

The Diois is now at the heart of the Biovallée project which aims at making the Drôme a national reference regarding sustainable development. Launched by the Val de Drôme grouping of local authorities, this initiative is part of a national proposal called “Pôles d’Excellence Rurale” (Pole of Rural Excellence). One objective is to reach the level of 50% of organic farming among the farmers by 2015; organic or local food catering before 2015, to preserve farmlands from urbanization and provide households with energy from local production and renewable energies by 2020.

L’Herbier du Diois is therefore quite naturally a part of this vast project, and its new ecological building received a financial help of 62000 € for being a processor of organic products.


La Bio dans la biovallée