Our garden

Our herb garden was born in 2010 in the heart of l’Herbier-du-Diois site. As soon as our eco-building was finished, we embarked on this ambitious project as a mirror of the ecological and sustainable choices we have been making since 1978. At the foot of the imposing Glandasse Massif, these plantations surrounding our ecobuilding relate the richness of our territory and of our history: that of a company that wants to defend sustainable values, a company mindful of the future and concerned about its social, environmental an economic impact.
This garden was designed with the desire to share our passion for plants and ecology. It took shape during meetings with wild-pickers, producers and other plant lovers who enriched it with various medicinal and aromatic species. It harbors more than 50 species in culture.

Several themes are presented, by botanical kind (such as sage, oregano, mints, etc.), perfume (aniseed flavored plants, lemon-scented plants…) or by their region of production.

Obviously, we use only natural and organic methods of gardening, without fertilizers or pesticides. Rustic and drought-adapted species are favored in order to limit watering.

Besides the garden, we also have a place of experimentation on a larger scale for the cultivation of medicinal plants, in partnership with our producers and customers. We cultivate different varieties to compare their quality, their taste or their farm yield. We are also looking for ways to control weeds and test different tools.
These plant collections are a tool for discovering the tremendous diversity of aromatic and medicinal herbs, which is at the heart of our business. They allow us to observe and study the species that are used in the composition herbal teas, cosmetics as well as in our diet.

Come discover this worldly herbarium, rich in emblematic, rare or common species, all of which possess virtues and usages from the past, present and future. Whether it is to stroll through the different aromas of these aromatic plants, or to improve your botanical knowledge, this garden is open to you, from 8 am to 6 pm all year round.

Guided tours are organized by appointment; please call 04 75 21 25 77