Our green buildings

In order to realize our environmental ideals and to reflect the company’s ideology, in 2009 we have built a green building with positive energy thanks to 1900m² of photovoltaic panels. The Structure is made of untreated and local wood and boxes filled with straw cultivated in the South of France provides our insulation. Everything has been thought through to reduce to its minimum the environmental impact throughout the construction. On top of that, the building allows us to minimize our electrical needs: our offices face south in order to benefit from the natural light and warmth; water sanitation is heated by our solar panels; a geothermal pump and a dual-flow ventilation enables air conditioning using barely any electricity.

Rainwater is collected to fill a pond which we use to water our ornamental plants: we are indeed creating a demonstrational garden around our building with a wide variety of plants and tree, a true haven for plants to stimulate local biodiversity.

Little by little we are creating a pleasant and healthy working place, using only noble and chemical-free materials, indoor fresh air renewal, while still improving our efficiency: the building is an extraordinary industrial tool. We are fully equipped with a lab, two storage rooms at constant temperature, spacious and luminous offices, an area specially made for machinery, and various processes such as freezing, steam-sterilization, vacuum packaging that we strive to keep on improving.

Total cost of the building: 5.2 million euros: 2.8 million for the building and 1.5 million for the solar panels
Production of electricity in 2020 : 720 667 KwH
Consumption of electricity in 2020 : 312 585 KwH

In 2020 we finished a new building of 1000 m² with a 450 m² awning, mainly intended for drying plants. Once again, we have chosen to cover the roof with 420 m² of photovoltaic panels. All the energy produced is used on-site. Today we are developing an air collection system under these panels in order to use the calories offered by the sun to feed the dryer. In winter, this system will be able to maintain the building at room temperature.

Total cost of the operation: 1.8 million euros, including 120,000 euros for the solar panels.