The team

L’Herbier du Diois, created in 1979 by Ton Vink, used to be a small structure of 4 employees. In the late ‘90’s the company grew at the rhythm of the demand in organic products. In 2005, l’Herbier du Diois took a new direction changing from a small-scaled production structure to a semi-industrial company under the leadership of a new manager: Tijlbert Vink, son of Ton Vink.

Today, l’Herbier du Diois employs over 50 people with various skills :

Management: Tijlbert Vink
Customer service: Stéphane Graillat, Hélène Villoud, Stéphanie Chaix, Chloé Bourdier
Purchasing service:Emilie Rolland, Djamina Daniel, David Cannie, Arkadiusz Parafinuk
Production / Gestion des commandes : Julie Poindron, Pierre Buffet, Christine Chantelauze, Anne Gilet, Laura Masson
Logistic : Charlélie Marce
Development of the French agricultural project:Laëtitia Bonin
Quality department : Julie Marchand, Nina Parmentier, Vincent Delbecque, Mélanie Falco, Alexandra Jory, Aline Vermeulen
Reception of the material: Elodie Dupety, Marion Bourbier
Accountancy and social
: Florent Girin, Marjon Huizenga
Maintenance: Nicolas Bourbier, Simon Munoz, Patrice Monin, Willy Van Landeghem
Computer et human resources: Gaël Le Corvic
Machine operator: Xiao Pao Chhuong, Julien Demilly, Youriy Gavrylenko, Nicu Posa, El Hadji Traore, Atannas Yanakiev, Dimitrina Yanakieva, Ovidiu Cioban
Orders preparation: Cathy Audin, Michaël Lederer, Noëmie Mathieu, Mariam Mysak, Eloïse Orand, Frédéric Jacquet, Jocelyn Ecuier
Reception operator: Jamal Benhamou, , Gordon Perrin, Frédéric Taki, Julie Philbert
Sorting: Radeva Ginka, Mathilde Chaptinel
Forklift operator: Philip Orand, Jean-Michel Rey, Patrick Marcel, Saïd El Aamrani
Expedition: François-Xavier Debard, Florence Martin
Transport and vehicle maintenance: Jean-Marie Rousselet