L’Herbier-du-Diois has always collaborated with and supported small farmers in several ways:

  • Technical and organizational advice, thanks to our experience in the field. Within l’Herbier du Diois, one person is in charge of all the technical advice in France, and another of all the councils abroad
  • Assistance with planting, harvesting and maintenance;
  • Commitment via annual and multiannual contracts;

We encourage producers to diversify their crops by stimulating all kinds of productions: flowers, whole plants, roots. This allows on one hand to have a very wide range of crops by refusing the easy way out with the single-crop model, and on the other hand it reduces the risks by spreading the work throughout the year.

We want to support annual crops (such as coriander, fennel and blueberry) as well as perennial crops (such as lavender, thyme and blackcurrant) that can take up to five years before being harvested. We do our best with these two models of work by setting up appropriate collaboration strategies.