La plante du mois

Frêne oxyphylle, Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl

Common ash

News The plant of the month july 2019
Common ash Fraxinus excelsior L. Oleaceae The common ash, Fraxinus excelsior L., is a tree that can be found throughout a large part of Europe, from southern Scandinavia to Spain. ...
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Absinthe, Artemisia absinthium L.


The plant of the month February 2019
Wormwood Artemisia absinthium L. Compositae Wormwood is an aromatic, bushy, evergreen perennial with finely delineated leaves that are grey-green on top and silver underneath.  In summer, it offers panicles composed...
Guimauve, Althaea officinalis L.


The plant of the month January 2019
Marshmallow Althaea officinalis L. Malvaceae The marshmallow is a downy perennial plant that can reach 1.5 meters in height and offer many pink flowers in the summer. Native to France,...


The plant of the month July 2018
Beetroot Beta vulgaris L. Amaranthaceae Beetroot comes from the maritime chard, a wild beet that grows from the shoreline of the Mediterranean coast all the way to the North Sea....
Fleur de chicorée


The plant of the month june 2018
Chicory Cichorium intybus L. Compositae Chicory grows wild in plain as well as in mountain. We can find some alongside rocky meadows and wastelands of most of Europe, West Asia...


The plant of the month May 2018
Stevia Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Bertoni Compositae Stevia is a small evergreen shrub from the tropical forests of the border area between Paraguay and Brazil. The Guarani Indians who live on...

Milk thistle

The plant of the month d'avril 2018
Milk thistle Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn. Compositae Milk thistle is a large biennial plant, which can reach 1m50 during flowering. Its thistles have strong thorns, its leaves are broad and...
Sureau noir


The plant of the month March 2018
Elder Sambucus nigra L. Caprifoliaceae Elder is a small common tree, present throughout Europe with the exception of the Mediterranean zone. Its genus name, ‘’Sambucus’’ derives from the Greek “Sambyke”,...


The plant of the month february 2018
Ironwort (Shepherd’s tea) Sideritis scardica Griseb. Lamiaceae The genus name Sideritis comes from the Greek Sideros, meaning iron. There could be a double etymological meaning. In ancient medicine, sideritis was...


The plant of the month december 2017
Clove Syzygium aromaticum (L.) Merr. & L.M.Perry Myrtaceae The clove tree is an evergreen tree of 10 to 15 m, native of the archipelago of the Moluccas in Indonesia. It...


The plant of the month October 2017
L'hibiscus Hibiscus sabdariffa L. Malvaceae Hibiscus is a large perennial plant that can grow up to two meters tall and bears large pale yellow or pale pink flowers with a...

Red wine

The plant of the month September 2017
Red wine Vitis vinifera L. Vitaceae Vine grows in the wild, Vitis vinifera L. subsp. sylvestris, and is also called “lambrusque”. It is a liana that thrives in wet forests...


The plant of the month July 2017
Marigold Calendula officinalis L. Compositae Marigold is an annual plant originating from the Mediterranean basin, widely cultivated both as an ornamental plant and as a medicinal plant. In France, we...


The plant of the month Juin 2017
Angelica Angelica archangelica L. Apiaceae Angelica is a biannual plant that produces on its first year large cut leaves which carry on the second year an imposing inflorescence which has...

Bay laurel

The plant of the month November 2016
Bay Laurel Laurus nobilis L. Lauraceae Bay laurel is an evergreen tree * which can reach 10 m. It is naturally present on the islands that make up Macaronesia (Madeira,...

Dittany of Crete

The plant of the month October 2016
Dittany of Crete Origanum dictamnus L. Lamiaceae Dictamne is a species of oregano found only in the mountains of Crete, in the steepest places, often on the cliff walls. The...


The plant of the month November 2016
Hops Humulus lupulus L. Cannabaceae Hops are one of the few lianas in temperate regions that can reach 10 to 12 m in length. The plant is dioecious: with both...

Tea tree

The plant of the month August 2016
Tea tree Melaleuca alternifolia (Maiden & Betche) Cheel Myrtaceae Tea tree is a tree native to Australia belonging to the myrtaceae family, such as eucalyptus or niaouli. It was the...

California poppy

The plant of the month July 2016
California poppy Eschscholzia californica Cham Papaveraceae The California poppy, or Eschscholzia, is a plant originating from southwestern North America. It is on the California State emblem, where the most beautiful...

Lime tree

The plant of the month June 2016
Lime tree Tilia sp. Malvaceae The lime tree is one of the most used plants in infusion for its pleasant taste of honey which could almost make it forget its...


The plant of the month May 2016
Thyme Thymus vulgaris L. Lamiaceae The Latin name Thymus comes from the Greek Thymos, which means "smoke" or even from Thio which means "I perfume". This reminds us of the...


The plant of the month Marsh 2016
Nettle Urtica dioica L. Urticaceae There are three nettle species in France The dioic stinging nettle, Urtica dioica L., which is the most common one. The burning nettle, Urtica urens...


The plant of the month Marsh 2016
Primrose Primula officinalis L. Primulaceae Primroses in bloom announce the return of the spring and the beginning of plant picking. Its genus name, Primula, comes from the Roman Primulus, which...

Scots pine

The plant of the month February 2016
Scots pine Pinus sylvestris L. Pinaceae At the foot of the tree, it is not easy to know what kind of pine we are dealing with. There are many pines...


The plant of the month January 2016
Cardamom Elettaria cardamomum (L.) Maton Zingiberaceae Cardamom grows naturally on the coast of Malabar in southwestern India, but is widely grown in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Guatemala and Madagascar. It...


The plant of the month December 2015
Saffron Crocus sativus L. Iridaceae Saffron is a precious and powerful spice, considered as the "king of spices". They are small red and very fragrant filaments which are the stigmas...

Ginkgo tree

The plant of the month November 2015
Ginkgo Tree Ginkgo biloba L. Ginkgoaceae At the beginning of winter, the ginkgo tree is adorned with a beautiful yellow color which attracts our gaze to this mythical species, symbol...


The plant of the month October 2015
Ashwagandha Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal Solanaceae Ashwagandha is a shrub native to Asia where it grows in the arid regions of India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka. It has fruits similar...


The plant of the month September 2015
Peppermint Mentha x piperita L. Lamiaceae Peppermint is a major plant, both for herbal teas and as a flavoring agent. It is a hybrid plant from the aquatic mint, Mentha...


The plant of the month d'Août 2015
Basil Ocimum basilicum L. Lamiaceae Basil is a popular herb and is widely used in Mediterranean cuisine but it is also a valuable medicinal plant that we’d like to make...


The plant of the month November 2014
Juniper Juniperus communis L. Cupressaceae Have you ever eaten juniper? Undoubtedly, because if juniper is a medicinal plant it is also a very common aromatic herb. Then let’s think, in...

Great gentian

The plant of the month October 2014
Great gentian Gentiana lutea L. Gentianaceae Many plants are harvested during spring and summer, when the leaves are ripe and the flowers bloom; but it is during fall that roots...

Sea buckthorn

News The plant of the month September 2014
Sea buckthorn Elaeagnus rhamnoides (L.) A.Nelson Eleagnaceae This is a plant that you will not find in l'Herbier du Diois’ garden but in hedges that surround our buildings and our...


News The plant of the month August 2014
Lavender Lavandula angustifolia Mill. Lamiaceae Lavender, the emblem of Drôme, offers the season's first tourists fragrant fields of unique violet colors. But which lavender are we talking about? Lavandula angustifolia...


News The plant of the month July 2014
Raspberry Rubus idaeus L. Rosaceae Raspberry has been known since ancient times and mythology teaches us how the raspberry, once white became pink... Zeus was hidden in Crete by his...


The plant of the month June 2014
Yarrow Achillea millefolium L. Compositae Yarrow is a plant found in meadows and along roadsides, recognizable by its white or pink leaves and its very sharp foliage, hence its name...


The plant of the month May 2014
Sage Salvia officinalis L. Lamiaceae For this first plant of the month we start with one of the most prestigious one. Its Latin name bears witness to its virtues, Salvia...
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