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The quality of products is very important to l’Herbier du Diois.

Our privileged geographical situation differentiates us from major urban and industrial centers. More importantly, the reliable collaborations we have weaved with producers allow us to track the production quality, to participate in the choice of picking places and to control the quantities supplied. It is our way of ensuring you a product as safe as it is tasty.

Control of products

In addition to systematic organoleptic quantity control of our products, sharp lab controls (pesticide residues, heavy metals, microbiology, ash rate, measure of active principles…), made by recognized labs allow the control of our plants, respecting the organic production.


The different certifications of l’Herbier du Diois guarantee an independent control of our products and involve the use of performant tracking systems, designed to avoid confusion between different batches. Each product is identified, controlled and tracked during its transformations and uses from the moment that it is purchased until the moment it is delivered to our customer.